VPA (UPI ID) Verification

Learn how you can use ZWITCH to instantly verify the validity and ownership of VPA handles.

As a business, you will have to transfer money to your vendors or customers. It is possible for transfers to fail due to account-related issues such as invalid account details or because the account is inactive or frozen. Verifying the account details and validity before you make the transfer helps you avoid these errors.

Our Account Verification APIs allow you to verify the validity and ownership of a VPA handle.

How it Works

To verify the validity and ownership of a VPA handle, send the VPA handle in the Verify VPA Handle API.

If the API response contains status: success, the VPA handle exists and is active. The response also contains the account holder’s name. You can check the name returned by the API with the name in your database and decide if you can make a transfer to the VPA handle.

If the API response contains status: failed, the VPA handle provided is incorrect. The response also contains a message parameter that contains the reason for the failure as given to us by the bank.


Amount Verification Not Available

Currently, it is not possible to perform amount verification for a VPA handle.

Use Cases

A large number of first-time transfers fail due to incorrect details such as an invalid VPA handle or because the account is inactive or frozen.

It is also possible that money is transferred to the wrong person because your customer gave you the wrong details or because the details were not entered correctly in your system.

Our Account Verification APIs help you reduce transfer failures and reversals and lets you be sure that you are transferring money to the right person.

Gaming Payouts

As a gaming company, you need to make payouts to your customers when they win games. Ensuring your customers receive their winnings on time goes a long way in ensuring you provide your customer the best possible experience and ultimately helps you retain customers.

By verifying your customer's VPA handle before making the transfer, you can make sure your customers get their winnings on time.