Overview of the ZWITCH Dashboard and the different environments supported.

The ZWITCH Dashboard is designed to give you an overview of the products and features you use.
Currently, the Dashboard is segregated into 4 sections:

  • Launchpad
  • Reports
  • Developers
  • Profile


This section provides widgets for easy access to developer resources, such as

  • API Credentials
  • Postman collection
  • Logs and
  • Webhooks

Additionally, the Launchpad section contains details about your ZWITCH Primary and Verification accounts, where you can check the balance and view account details.


This section contains details of all accounts, beneficiaries, transactions, and payments created using ZWITCH.


This section is made for developers. In addition to options to generate API keys and set up webhooks, this section contains 2 additional options:

  • Logs: Contains logs of all successful and failed API calls.
  • API Playground: This allows you to try out different integration flows from the Dashboard.


This section allows you to switch between workspaces, if you are part of more than 1 ZWITCH account, and add members to your ZWITCH account.