Supported Environments

Overview about the different environments available to you when you sign up with ZWITCH, how you can access these environments, and the difference between these environments.

When you create a ZWITCH account you get access to 2 distinct environments:

  • Sandbox Mode (test mode)
  • Live Mode

The table below highlights the important differences between the 2 modes.

Sandbox ModeLive Mode
Use this mode to integrate your application with ZWITCH.Use this mode only after you have thoroughly tested all aspects of your integration with ZWITCH.
This mode allows you to mock different scenarios allowing you to thoroughly test all aspects of your integration with ZWITCH.It is not recommended to use this mode to test your integration.
Actions performed in this mode have no real-world consequences and do not use real-world money.Actions performed in this mode trigger APIs with our partner banks and use real-world money.

Switch Between Environments


On the Dashboard, you can switch between Sandbox and Live Modes using the toggle button available at the bottom left of all screens.


Toggle Button


The mode in which APIs are triggered depends on the keys used. Sandbox Mode API Keys contain the prefix test and Live Keys contain the prefix live.

The table below gives examples of the ZWITCH Access Key and Secret Key in Sandbox and Live Modes.

ModeExample Access KeyExample Secret Key
Sandbox Modeak_test_WJblZeQrM3692p0Ll0pebuwD16qKKKSQXgrMsk_test_WJblZeQrM3692p0Ll0pebuwD16qKKKSQXgrM
Live Modeak_live_WJblZeQrM3692p0Ll0pebuwD16qKKKSQXgrMsk_live_WJblZeQrM3692p0Ll0pebuwD16qKKKSQXgrM