Failure Codes

Learn why a financial transaction was declined by banks and how you can rectify the issue and retry the transaction.

Payments and transfers can fail for various reasons. It is possible that the payment or transfer API call was successful, but the transaction failed because it was rejected by an intermediary bank or a financial institution.

In such scenarios, the API returns a 200 HTTP code. However, the status of the failed transaction is set to either pending or failed and the reason the transaction failed is included in the API response.

Failure Parameters

The table below lists the various parameters we return when a financial transaction is declined. Values returned against these parameters tell you why the transaction was declined, where the error occurs, and how you can rectify the error and retry the transaction.

error_typestringType of error that occured.

Possible values:
  • business
  • technical
bank_error_codestringError code returned by the bank.

Example: beneificary_account_blocked
messagestringShort reason the transaction was declined.

Example: Account blocked/frozen
reason_for_errorstringDetails about why the transaction was declined.

Example: Beneficiary account is either blocked or frozen
recommended_actionstringSteps you can take to rectify the error and retry the transaction.

Example: Contact beneficiary before retrying the transfer