Handle Error Codes

Debugging an error could be a time-consuming task if you do not have the right help. Zwitch sends you what could be important information in the error response to help you debug and resolve errors quicker. This includes what error occurred, where it occurred (which parameter), what error occurred.

The table below lists the possible values for the code and message parameters and suggests steps to help to resolve errors.

CodeMessageExplanationSuggested Next Steps
resource_missingNo such account: va_onMda91dobg5YYX0kHThe entered beneficiary id
parameter_missingThe vpa field format is invalidThe VPA you have entered is in the wrong format.Enter the VPA in the correct format. Below is the general format for VPAs.

Example VPA: zwitch@googlepay.
parameter_unknownreceived unknown parameter: whitelisted_remitters