Learn how you can use ZWITCH to allow virtual account holders to create UPI collect requests.

Since its launch, UPI has changed the way we make and receive payments. Our UPI collect feature allows virtual account holders to UPI accept payments without integrating with a payment gateway.

When a UPI collect request is created, the request is sent to the payee's UPI app. The payee needs to authorize the request to make the payment.


With ZWITCH, virtual account holders can receive payments via UPI collect requests in 2 steps.


Payments Workflow

Follow the below steps to receive the payments.

  1. Create a UPI Collect Request : Create a UPI collect request by passing the payer’s VPA handle (UPI ID) and a few other details in the API request body.

  2. Authorize Payments : When the UPI collect request is successfully created, a notification is sent to the payee’s UPI app. The payee needs to approve this request to make the payment.

Use Cases

With ZWITCH, virtual account holders can accept UPI payments without integrating with a payment gateway. Our UPI collect feature allows virtual account holders to send UPI collect requests to a payee's UPI app.

Listed below are some advantages of accepting payments using our UPI Collect API:

  • No need to integrate with a payment gateway.
  • Easier to create and accept payments.
  • No need to debit or credit cards to make the payment.
  • Can accept payments of ₹1.
  • Reduces time to collect payments compared to traditional methods such as bank transfers and checks.
  • Reduces the risk of dishonored (bounced) checks.

Gaming and Fantasy Sports Companies

As a gaming or fantasy sports company, you create a virtual account wallet for each customer when you onboard them. Customers need to deposit money into this account to play games or participate in fantasy sports games.

You can use our UPI collect feature to let your customers load money to their accounts. Ask your customer to enter their UPI ID and the amount they want to add to their account and use these details to send a collect request to their UPI app.

When the customer approves the collect request, the money is transferred to their virtual account and is available to them to use on your platform.

Rental Vehicles Agencies

As an automobile rental business, you could have multiple locations from which customers can rent vehicles. You might also drop and pick up vehicles from your customer's location.

Before renting a vehicle, you would collect a deposit from the customer. Using POS machines to accept card transactions could prove to be a hassle, especially if you want to drop the vehicle at the customer's location.

Asking customers to make a card payment on your website could lead to a customer dropoff. This would also require you to integrate with a payment gateway.

An easier way to collect the deposit would be to use our UPI collect feature. This sends a collect request to the customer's phone reducing customer dropoff.

You can also use our virtual account feature to create individual virtual accounts for each customer. You can accept and return the deposit from this account, making reconciliation easier for you.

Improve Success Rate

UPI does make it easier to accept payments and reduces the chances of payment failure However, there is still a chance that the payment fails because the collect request was sent to an incorrect or invalid UPI ID.

You can reduce these failures by verifying the UPI ID before creating a UPI collect request.

Learn how to verify a UPI ID using our VPA Verification feature.