Life Cycle

Learn more about the different statuses a UPI collect request can have during its life cycle.

The figure below shows the life cycle of a UPI collect request.


Payments Life Cycle

The table below describes the different statuses of a UPI collect request.

The request has been created and sent to the payee’s UPI app. However, the request has not yet been approved by the paye.
The payer has successfully approved the UPI payment request. The money is debited from the payer's account and credited to our partner bank account.

  • Our partner banks follow the standard settlement cycle for UPI payments as T+1 days.
  • Once ZWITCH receives the payment from our partner bank, we will credit the payment against your virtual collection account.
The UPI request was declined by the payer.

This is a terminal state. Their request cannot be reinitiated. Create a new request, if required.