Bulk Transfers

Learn how to make a bulk transfer using ZWITCH.

Our bulk (or batch) transfer feature allows account holders to make multiple transfers using a single API call. Currently, our bulk transfer feature supports transfers via NEFT, IMPS, RTGS, and UPI.


Virtual Account used as Transfer Wallets Only

Currently, bulk transfers can only be processed using a virtual account used as a transfer wallet.


Using ZWITCH APIs, account holders can process bulk transfers in 2 steps.


Bulk Transfer Workflow

Follow the below steps to create a bulk transfer:

  1. [Prerequisite] Create Virtual Account used as Transfer Wallet: Create a virtual account used as a transfer wallet using our create virtual account used as transfer wallet API. Verify and add the remitter bank account details to load money to the transfer wallet to make transfers.
  2. Create Bulk Transfer: Create a bulk transfer by sending us the required details, such as the debit account ID, amount, and transfer details.

Use Cases

When account holders have to initiate multiple transfers simultaneously, creating them individually would be time-consuming, even if they were created programmatically using APIs. There is also the risk of exceeding the API rate limit when creating multiple transfers programmatically.

Sending multiple back-to-back requests could also lead to a higher chance of the transfers not being processed due to technical failures at the bank.

Our bulk transfer feature is especially useful in such scenarios. It allows account holders to create multiple transfers simultaneously using a single API. We process the transfers in such a way as to ensure the highest success rate from the bank and that no rate limit is exceeded.

Salary Payouts

Depending on the number of employees, manually initiating salary transfers individually might take more than a day. Programmatically initializing these transfers might lead to the API rate limit being exceeded or a higher failure rate from the bank.

Instead, use our bulk transfer feature to create multiple transfers simultaneously.

Insurance, Mutual Funds, and Stock Payouts

As an insurance firm or brokerage house, you will have to make multiple payouts to different people every day. Generally, such payouts are processed at the end of the day due to business or regulatory guidelines.

Our bulk transfer feature reduces the time and effort needed to process such transfers when compared to processing them individually. Our bulk transfer feature has also been engineered to ensure the API rate limit is not exceeded and to reduce the chances of technical failure from the bank.