Overview of the bank_account_verification object.

Shown below is a sample object for the bank_account_verification object.

  "id": "accver_BhOM01sUb3tXprWwTGBLlKZVG",
  "object": "bank_account_verification",
  "bank_account_number": "10000000000165",
  "bank_ifsc_code": "AAAA0001618",
  "name_as_per_bank": "Ganga Reddy",
  "force_penny_drop": false,
  "force_penny_drop_amount": 1.23,
  "status": "success",
  "message": "Transaction Successful",
  "last_verified_at": "2022-03-23",
  "metadata": {
    "key_1": "DD",
    "key_2": "XOF"
  "merchant_reference_id": "1409614085",
  "created_at": 1648030636,
  "is_sandbox": true

The table below lists the various objects in the bank_account_verification object.

idstringUnique identifier of the account verification transaction in the ZWITCH database.

Example: accver_Qs93rRv6Vq4EIVzKurII849yj
objectstringAPI object that is returned.

Possible value: bank_account_verification
bank_account_numberstringThe bank account number you want to verify.

Example: 563057182710
bank_ifsc_codestringIFSC of the bank account you want to verify.

Example: HDFC0000123
name_as_per_bankstringAccount holder's name as per bank records.

Example: Anil Reddy
force_penny_dropbooleanUse this parameter only when verifying a bank account.

Possible values:
  • true: The entered amount is transferred as part of the verification even if the account has been verified via ZWITCH.
  • false (default): The entered amount is transferred as part of the verification only if the account has not been verified via ZWITCH.
force_penny_drop_amountfloatUse this parameter only when verifying a bank account.

The amount you want to transfer as part of the verification. You can ask your customer to pass this amount to you to ensure the account belongs to them.

  • Amount has to be between ₹1 and ₹2.
  • Parameter is mandatory if force_penny_drop is true.
  • If force_penny_drop is false and no value is passed against this parameter, ₹1 is transferred to verify the account.

Example: 3.69
statusstringStatus of the account verification transaction.

Possible values:
  • success: The account verification transaction was successfully completed.
  • failed: The account verification transaction was not completed.
messagestringMessage explaining the status of the request.

Example: Invalid Account
last_verified_atstringThe date, in the YYYY-MM-DD format, the account was last verified.

Example: 2022-02-15
merchant_reference_idstringUnique identifier entered when creating the verification request.

  • Only alphabets and numbers are allowed.
  • Minimum: 7 characters.
  • Maximum: 40 characters.

Example: 1409614085
created_atinteger Unix timestamp when the account validation request was received by ZWITCH.

Example: 1640179951
is_sandboxbooleanThe mode in which the API was triggered.

Possible values:
  • true: API was triggered in sandbox mode
  • false: API was triggered in live mode
metadataobjectObject of key-value pair that can be used to store additional information about the entity.
  • Maximum 5 key-value pairs.
  • Maximum 256 characters in the metadata object.
Example: "key_1": "DD"