Filtering and Pagination

Learn about the common parameters available to filter and paginate the Get All API response.

By default, our Get All APIs return objects in descending order. For example, the Get All Accounts API response lists details of the most recent account created first and the oldest account created last.

To make it easier to query and more human-readable, our Get All APIs allow you to filter and paginate the results.

The below query parameters are available by default for all Get All APIs.

  • Number of objects to be included in the response
    • results_per_page
  • Filter parameters
    • from_date
    • to_date
  • Pagination parameters
    • start_before
    • start_after

Results Per Page

The results_per_page query parameter is used to define the number of objects that should be included in the Get All API response.

Possible values:

  • Minimum value: 1
  • Maximum value: 100
  • Default value: 10

The results_per_page query parameter can be used by itself or in conjunction with the filter and pagination parameters.