Filter Parameters

Learn about the common query parameters available to filter the Get All API response.

You can filter the results of all our Get All APIs using the from_date and to_date parameters.
These parameters filter results using the created_at timestamp. The filtered response is sorted in the descending order.


From Date and To Date Together Only

The from_date and to_date filter parameters have to be used together. They cannot be used by themselves.

These parameters can be in conjunction with the results_per_page, start_before, and start_after parameters for pagination.


Let us assume 5 beneficiaries were created on ZWITCH.

Beneficiary NameBeneficiary IDTimestamp
Beneficiary 5vab_Do1neSKz5NEbpZwZNB0bY00051645522069
Beneficiary 4vab_Do1neSKz5NEbpZwZNB0bY00041645522067
Beneficiary 3vab_Do1neSKz5NEbpZwZNB0bY00031645522065
Beneficiary 2vab_Do1neSKz5NEbpZwZNB0bY00021645522063
Beneficiary 1vab_Do1neSKz5NEbpZwZNB0bY00011645522061
  • from_date = 1645522062 and to_date = 1645522068, response contains details of Beneficiary 4, Beneficiary 3, and Beneficiary 2.

  • from_date = 1645522062, to_date = 1645522068, and results_per_page is 2, response contains details of Beneficiary 3, and Beneficiary 2.