Overview of the aadhaar_verification objects.

Shown below is a sample aadhaar_verification object.

  "id": "adh_qIohl1X1bxW9wrMoyK1M5tUo9",
  "object": "aadhaar_verification",
  "type": "otp",
  "message": "Aadhaar XML file downloaded successfully",
  "status": "success",
  "name": "Anil Reddy",
  "aadhaar_number": "XXXXXXXX0000",
  "date_of_birth": "1987-09-28",
  "gender": "M",
  "father_name": null,
  "address": "Sunil Reddy, 211B Baker Street, Bangalore - 560005",
  "postal_code": "560005",
  "state": "Karnataka",
  "state_code": "KA",
  "city": "bangalore urban",
  "remark": null,
  "merchant_reference_id": "1000116",
  "consent": true,
  "is_sandbox": false

The table below lists the various parameters in the aadhaar_verification object.

idstringUnique identifier of the Aadhaar verification request in the ZWITCH database.

Example: adh_aZbYCc8W97FtiaN4yIWDtl4ZB
objectstringAPI object that is returned.

Possible value: aadhaar_verification
typestringThe type of Aadhaar Verification you want to perform.

Possible value: otp
messagestringThe result of the API call.

Example: OTP sent to registered mobile number
statusstringSend OTP API:
  • success: OTP was successfully sent.
  • failed: OTP could not be sent.

Verify Aadhaar API:
  • success: Aadhaar successfully verified.
  • failed: Aadhaar verification failed.

Check the message parameter to know the success or failure reason.
  • In the Send OTP API, this is the customer's name that should be verified against the name linked to the Aadhaar number.
  • In the Verify Aadhaar API, this is the name linked to the Aadhaar number.

Example: Anil Reddy
aadhaar_numberstringAadhaar number being verified.

Example: 340000000000
date_of_birthstringAadhaar holder's date of birth as per the Aadhaar database.

Possible format:YYYY-MM-DD

Has to be 10 characters.

Example: 1987-12-31

Supported characters:
  • 0-9
  • -
genderstringAadhaar holder's gender as per the Aadhaar database.

Possible values:
  • M: male
  • F:female
father_namestringAadhaar holder's father's name as per the Aadhaar database.

Example: Sunil Reddy
addressstringAadhaar holder's permanent address as per the Aadhaar database.

Example: 221B Baker Street
postal_codestringAadhaar holder's postal code as per the Aadhaar database.

Example: 560005
statestringAadhaar holder's state as per the Aadhaar database.

Example: Karnataka
state_codestringAadhaar holder's state code as per the Aadhaar database.

Example: KA
citystringAadhaar holder's city as per the Aadhaar database.

Example: Bangalore
  • Returns null when using the Verify Aadhaar APIs by themselves.
  • Returns the unique identifier of the account that is being verified when triggered while opening a savings account.
merchant_reference_idstringUnique identifier entered when creating the verification request.

  • Only alphabets and numbers are allowed.
  • Minimum: 7 characters.
  • Maximum: 40 characters.

Example: 14096850
consentbooleanConsent of the individual to get their details from the Aadhaar database.

Possible value: true
created_atintegerUnix timestamp when ZWITCH received the request.

Example: 1640179951
is_sandboxbooleanThe mode in which the API was triggered.

Possible values:
  • true: API was triggered in sandbox mode.
  • false: API was triggered in live mode.