Overview of the bulk_transfer object.

Shown below is a sample bulk_transfer object.

  "id": "butr_n6kbQ4UPg2D0hN9Vo3x8gDkDK",
  "object": "bulk_transfer",
  "type": "account_number",
  "status": "queued",
  "debit_account_details": {
    "name": "Anil Reddy",
    "account_number": "9515598493423",
    "ifsc": "UTIB0CCH274"
  "total_individual_transfers": 3,
  "total_transfer_amount": 3,
  "bulk_reference_id": "1004224",
  "updated_at": 1677239064,
  "is_sandbox": true,
  "created_at": 1677239064

The table below lists the various parameters in the bulk_transfer object.

idstringUnique identifier of the bulk transfer request in the ZWITCH database.

Example: butr_oZhjuPMNtFrH4V4X50qcEm0Ry
objectstringAPI object that is returned.

Possible value: bulk_transfer
typestringType of bulk transfer you want to create.

Possible value:
  • account_number
  • vpa
statusstringThe status of the transfer.

Possible values:
  • queued: The Create Bulk Transfer API is successfully triggered, and the bulk transfer request is queued for processing.
    No transfers have been processed at this status.
  • processing: We have started to process the bulk transfer request. The request retains this status until we have processed all transfers in the bulk transfer request.
  • completed: We have completed processing the bulk transfer request to our partner bank.
    Note: This status does not mean that our partner bank has processed all individual transfers.
    To check the status of the individual transfers of the bulk request, check the respective webhook event.
  • failed: The bulk transfer request has failed, likely due to insufficient funds in the transfer wallet.
debit_account_detailsobjectAn object contains details of the account from which money will be debited.

Refer to the Debit Account Details child object for more details.
total_individual_transfersintegerTotal number of individual transfers in the bulk transfer request.

Example: 3
total_transfer_amountintegerThe total amount transferred as part of the bulk transfer request.

This is the total of the amounts of all individual transfers in the bulk transfer request.

Example: 619
bulk_reference_idstringUnique reference for the bulk transfer request set by you.
  • Only alphabets and numbers are allowed.
  • Minimum: 7 characters.
  • Maximum: 40 characters.
Example: 1234567890123
updated_atintegerUnix timestamp when the bulk transfer undergoes a status change or the details in the response object were updated.

Example: 1670573018
is_sandboxbooleanThe mode in which the API was triggered.

Possible values:
  • true: API was triggered in sandbox mode
  • false: API was triggered in live mode
created_atintegerUnix timestamp when the create bulk transfer request was received by ZWITCH.

Example: 1670573018

[Child Object] Debit Account Details

The table below lists the various parameters in the debit_account_details child object. This object is part of the bulk_transfer object.

namestringDebit account holder's name.

Example: Anil Reddy
account_numberstringDebit account number.

Example: 9515598493423
ifscstringDebit account IFSC.

Example: UTIB0CCH274