UPI Intent

Learn how to create UPI intent requests using Zwitch APIs.

You can use ZWITCH APIs to allow virtual account holders to create UPI intent requests. This functionality allows the virtual account holder to send a UPI intent link to the payer. The payer can use the link to open their desired UPI app and complete the payment.

Below is an overview of how virtual account holders can receive money using the UPI collect request feature.

  1. The virtual account holder creates a UPI intent request by passing the payer's UPI ID and a few other details in the request.
  2. The virtual account holder receives a response that contains the UPI intent link.
  3. The virtual account holder shows this link to the payer.
  4. The payer clicks on the link.
  5. The payer is shown a list of all third-party UPI apps.
  6. The payer selects their desired UPI app and completes the payment.
  7. Money is debited from the payer's account and credited to the virtual account.