Transfers from Physical Accounts

Learn how to transfer money from physical accounts such as a savings or current account using ZWITCH APIs.

These are transfers where the debit account is a savings or a current account.

Transfers from physical accounts can only be made to account number beneficiaries. it is not possible to use our APIs to transfer money from a physical account to a VPA beneficiary. You can use any UPI application to transfer money to a VPA beneficiary.

Learn how to create an account number beneficiary.

Transfers from physical accounts support the below payment modes.

  • NEFT
  • IMPS
  • RTGS


Follow the below steps to create a transfer from a physical account.

  1. Create Transfer: Create a transfer by passing details such as debit account ID, beneficiary id, amount, and payment mode in the Create Transfer API. Successfully triggering the API sends an OTP to the debit account holder's mobile number.
  2. Verify OTP: Pass the OTP in the Verify OTP API. This serves as a check, verifies that the transfer was initiated by the account holder, and helps prevent fraud. The bank starts to process the transfer only after the OTP is verified.