UPI Collect - First Funding

Learn about the ZWITCH UPI Collect First Funding APIs.



The first funding UPI collect request can only be sent from your funding receivable account. We create this account for you and send you the details via email.

Contact our integration team if you have not received details of your receivable account.

When an account is first created, the account is marked debit frozen until funds are first added to the account. This is called first funding.

To complete first funding for an account, you need to get money from the applicant. You can do this by sending them a UPI collect request to their existing account. You can send this request using our First Funding UPI Collect Request API.

Successfully triggering the API sends a UPI collect request to the applicant’s UPI app. The applicant must accept the collect request and complete the payment.



  • The applicant should have another active account to complete first funding. The UPI request is sent to this account.

  • The name on the account to which the UPI collect request is sent should match the applicant's name. First funding will fail if the names do not match.