Overview of the document object

Shown below is a sample document object.

  "id": "doc_ZKWbucus5et5G2CgXStcxA70B",
  "object": "document",
  "name": "doc_ZKWbucus5et5G2CgXStcxA70B.png",
  "content_type": "image/png",
  "type": "customer_photo",
  "size": 22004,
  "customer_accessible": true,
  "created_at": 1651057023,
  "is_sandbox": true

The table below lists the various parameters in the document object.

idstringUnique identifier of the document you uploaded in the ZWITCH database.

Example: doc_6aVVwhDNxXnmuh6ujqCwZuIWZ.
objectstringAPI object that is returned.

Possible value: document
namestringThe name of the document on the ZWITCH database.

Example: doc_6aVVwhDNxXnmuh6ujqCwZuIWZ.png.
content-typestringThe extension of the document you uploaded.

Possible value: image/png.
typestringThe type of file you uploaded.

Possible values:
  • customer_photo
  • customer_signature
  • gst_certificate
  • fssai_registration
  • shop_and_establishment_license
  • udyam_registration
  • udyog_aadhaar
sizeintegerThe size of the document in bytes.

Example: 369
customer_accessiblebooleanPossible values:
  • true
  • false
created_atintegerUnix timestamp when the upload document request was received by ZWITCH.

Example: 1640179951
is_sandboxbooleanThe mode in which the API was triggered.

Possible values:
  • true: API was triggered in sandbox mode
  • false: API was triggered in live mode