October 2023

We work hard to ensure everyone who uses ZWITCH gets the best experience. Every day, we take small steps towards enhancing new products and improving the performance of existing functionality. We also fix occasional bugs in the system.

Below are the improvements we made in October 2023.



  • Except for breaking changes, all other changes are backward compatible.
  • Currently, we work on a daily release cycle. We push changes to the production environment as they are developed. However, we will notify you about breaking changes, new feature releases, and major enhancements via email before they are released.

πŸŽ‰ Enhancements

Below is the improvement we made in October 2023 to our Virtual Accounts API.

Virtual Account API

A new parameter bank_name is introduced to our Create Virtual Account API request.

The Create Virtual Account API now allows you to choose the bank where you want a wallet to be created.



While creating a virtual account with Axis Bank, set the create_vpa argument to false. This is because Axis Bank virtual accounts do not allow vpa designations on their account.

Refer to our Create Virtual Account Wallet documentation for more details.