March 2022

We work hard to ensure everyone who uses ZWITCH gets the best experience. Every day we take small steps towards developing new products, enhancing existing features, and improving the performance of our system. We also fix (the occasional) bug in the system.

Below is a list of new feature releases, product improvements, and bug fixes we made in March 2022.



  • Except for breaking changes, all other changes are backward compatible.
  • Currently, we work on a daily release cycle. We push changes to the production environment as they are developed. However, we will notify you about breaking changes, new feature releases, and major enhancements via email before they are released.

πŸš€ New Features

Below is a list of new features we released in March 2022.

Accounts API

Below is the change made to the Accounts API in March 2022.

Deactivate Virtual Accounts

The Deactivate Account API allows you to instantly deactivate virtual accounts. This allows you to deactivate virtual accounts after they have served their purpose. This prevents the account from being used for any reason other than the intended purpose. This makes accounting and account reconciliation easier.

You can also deactivate a virtual account if you detect any suspicious activity on the account.

Once a virtual account is deactivated, you cannot use the account to make transfers or receive payments.



  • Currently, you can only deactivate virtual account wallets and virtual account collection tools with zero balance.

  • Once a virtual account is deactivated it cannot be reactivated.

πŸŽ‰ Enhancements

Below are the enhancements we made in March 2022.


Below is the change we made to webhooks in March 2022.

VPA Account Verification Webhook Event

We have added the below webhook event to ZWITCH to keep you informed about the VPA account verification transactions.

  • verifications.vpa.created: Triggered when the Verify Bank Account API call is successfully made.

Below is a sample payload for the webhook event.

  "id": "evl_aU0mP5EZZTWSG22IFlgIuulZW",
  "object": "event",
  "name": "verifications.vpa.created",
  "is_sandbox": true,
  "data": {
    "object": {
      "id": "accver_Vj3vdxEyxhroTyflJaxHZQp1G",
      "object": "vpa_verification",
      "vpa": "vpabene-25@axisbank",
      "merchant_reference_id": "1000025",
      "name_as_per_bank": "Name as per bank",
      "status": "success",
      "message": "VPA is available for transaction",
      "created_at": 1646919467,
      "is_sandbox": true

πŸ› οΈ Bug Fixes

Below is a list of bugs we fixed in March 2022.

Accounts API

Below is the bug we fixed in the Accounts API in March 2022.

Accounts API - Customer Object Modification

Currently, the Customer object contains the customer id, mobile number, and a list of all accounts linked to the mobile number.

Since you can create multiple virtual accounts for a customer, listing all accounts linked to the customer in the customer object was not practical. There could be scenarios where a customer could have in excess of 10 accounts.

We will be removing the accounts list from the customer object on March 10, 2022.

Below is an example of the new customer object sent as part of all Accounts APIs.

"customer": {
  "id": "cus_M7Yur0qNpi5Z0kOEg2DNVlw72",
  "mobile_number": "9000000031"