June 2022

We work hard to ensure everyone who uses ZWITCH gets the best experience. Every day we take small steps towards developing new products, enhancing existing features, and improving the performance of our system. We also fix (the occasional) bug in the system.

Below is a list of new feature releases, product improvements, and bug fixes we made in May 2022.



  • Except for breaking changes, all other changes are backward compatible.
  • Currently, we work on a daily release cycle. We push changes to the production environment as they are developed. However, we will notify you about breaking changes, new feature releases, and major enhancements via email before they are released.

πŸŽ‰ Enhancements

Below is a list of enhancements we made in June 2022.


New Child Object: Nominee Guardian

We have introduced the option to add a nominee under the age of 18 when creating a savings account.

As per RBI regulations, nominees under the age of 18 require a guardian. To facilitate this requirement, we have introduced a guardian child object to the nominee object. This object will be mandatory when adding a nominee under the age of 18.

Shown below is a sample nominee object with the guardian child object.

"nominee": [
    "name": "Ram Reddy",
    "relation": "son",
    "address": "221B Baker Street",
    "city": "Bangalore",
    "postal_code": "560001",
    "state_code": "KA",
    "date_of_birth": "2020-12-31",
    "guardian": {
      "relation": "father",
      "name": "Anil Reddy",
      "address": "221B Baker Street",
      "state_code": "KA",
      "city": "Bangalore",
      "postal_code": "560005",
      "mobile_number": "9876543210"

Refer to our savings account documentation for more details.

Verification Suit

In-person KYC Webhooks

We have added the webhook event for the In-person KYC APIs to keep you informed about the status of the request. The table below lists the different webhook events.

Webhook EventDescription
accounts.schedule_kyc.createdTriggered when the Schedule KYC verification API call is successfully made.

This webhook is triggered when the in-person KYC request goes to the scheduled or failed status.

Sample Payload.
accounts.schedule_kyc.updatedTriggered when the in-person KYC request:
  • Undergoes a status change.
  • Is rescheduled.

Sample Payload.

πŸ› οΈ Bug Fixes

Below is a list of bugs we fixed in June 2022.

Accounts Statement and Balance

Account Statement

When you make a transfer from a savings account, the source_id and source_details parameters in the account statement now have values against them. Earlier these parameters were returning null for transfers made from a savings account.

Shown below is the account statement for a transfer from a savings account.

  "object": "list",
  "has_more": false,
  "data": [
      "id": "sas_O7j9oo6zxKgn81qmP9L1PxrOw",
      "object": "statement",
      "balance": 0,
      "credit": 0,
      "debit": 1,
      "remark": "DG101079",
      "transacted_at": 1656505360,
      "created_at": 1656505384,
      "is_sandbox": true,
      "currency": "inr",
      "source": null,
      "source_id": 5331,
      "source_details": {
        "id": "tr_gxu1an8rrMxplC8yvvORHRRsc",
        "object": "transfer",
        "type": "account_number",
        "amount": 1,
        "currency": "inr",
        "beneficiary_bank_account_number": "206291936928551",
        "beneficiary_full_name": "Deepak G",
        "paid_to": "206291936928551",
        "paid_mode": "neft",
        "is_sandbox": true,
        "remark": "testpayment",
        "merchant_reference_id": "774444121127125916"
      "merchant_name": "Reddy Enterprises",
      "bank_reference_number": "DG101079"